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ISO 27001 Training – Information Security
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We offer one-to-one tailored ISO training sessions, via video calls, that will resolve your specific ISO 27001 ISMS or ISO 45001 OH&S issues.

We know what it’s like to flounder due to uncertainty about ISO requirements and we don’t want you to sink under the weight of unnecessary complexity and bureaucracy.

Our ISO 27001 training and ISO 45001 training sessions only provide relevant and helpful advice which will immediately set you on the right course. And, when applicable or necessary, we will provide helpful ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 document templates and other resources.

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Let us help you resolve your specific issues with your ISO 27001 or ISO 45001 ISO Management System.

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Life Belt Session (half day)

You're struggling with a few areas and we can address these in a few hours with our ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 training and guidance sessions.

Life Raft Session (full day)

You've got concerns with many areas or you're failing on critical elements. It'll take a full day to review and address these through our ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 training sessions.

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It’s hard to implement an ISO management system and even more difficult to maintain it. There are many elements that require ongoing operational maintenance, there are tricky controls to implement, awkward audit findings to address and, not to forget, improvements that must be made.

Typically, we help clients in the following areas:

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ISO 27001 ISMS Scope

Defining the scope of your ISMS is a crucial part of your early system planning as it establishes the foundation for all other activities during the ISMS implementation including the effective identification of relevant risks and the determination of necessary risk-reducing controls.

ISO Coaching and Support

After years of talking about it and many months of planning it, we’re delighted that our remote ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 coaching and support


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