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After you’ve scheduled and paid for a Life Belt or Life Raft session, we’ll send you a Microsoft 365 Teams invitation. You will need to accept this invitation (unless there is a problem with the date and time) which will add the session to your calendar, subject to permissions. The invitation will include a link to a heading titled, Join Microsoft Teams Meeting and after clicking this link you will receive further instructions. We think it is worth reviewing Microsoft’s advice

If we haven’t had a chat before you book our Life Belt or Life Raft session (see our bookable free 30-minute session) we will make contact via phone or email as soon as possible before the booked session to introduce ourselves and quickly ascertain the topics you need to discuss with us. But please don’t worry, we can handle all questions and issues. However, we may need you to share (e.g. screen share / present your screen) relevant documentation or systems and applications and having access to these will be important to ensure we can maximise the time you have booked and paid for.

Due to the nature of our business, we’re working on sensitive and highly confidential projects every day and have tried to reflect this within the site’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. However, we understand and respect your concern about protecting the information we exchange during a session and are happy to sign enhanced agreements. Please contact us to discuss this, if necessary, and we are happy to issue our enhanced agreement or review your proposed agreement.

We hear this a lot. There are many generalist ISO management system consultants who don’t want to turn down the chance of a lucrative project, but we are dedicated specialists who either focus on information security (ISO 27001) or OH&S (ISO 45001) and hardly think about anything else… sad, I know. We firmly believe the epithet that, “experts simplify, amateurs complicate” and are committed to the task of helping you move out of choppy waters and get back on course! If you’re unsure, take advantage of the free 30-minute session to get to know us.

We will issue a brief report, confirming the main points of the discussion and will attach any relevant documents offered during the session. It’s normal for you to need a few days to absorb the advice and feedback and we’re happy if you want to schedule a free 30 min session to follow-up and discuss some of the points raised.

Also, remember, we publish relevant guidance and reports on the crew-only (members) resources section of the website.

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