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Achieving and maintaining ISO 45001 certification can be complex and overwhelming but it does not have to be. With our ISO 45001 training sessions we will help you understand the ISO45001 requirements and provide you with helpful resources.

Where to begin

It can be a daunting prospect, but our experience has shown that many organisations do have existing controls as a result of industry sector requirements, other H&S schemes, and the need to comply with H&S regulations. We can provide advice on how to evaluate where you are now and clarify the way forward. Having extensive experience in many OH&S schemes we know the common requirements and can use this expertise to help you.

Near miss, incident, and accident investigation

Implementing an OH&S management system is not a guarantee that nothing will go wrong. So, what do you do when it does? We have experienced incident investigators who can take you through the process and advise on how to use the result as a means of continually improving your OH&S performance.

Risk assessment

A multistage process including hazard identification, risk assessment and control selection by applying the hierarchy of controls. Having used many different processes in different industry sectors our expert can advise on the most suitable method for you and guide you through all the stages.

Performance evaluation

Identifying what can be monitored, setting baselines and monitoring methods is a challenge but, nonetheless, is a mandatory ISO 45001 requirement. We can help to make the effort worthwhile by advising on what could be monitored, the criteria, analysing the data and using the results to measure if the planned arrangements are working.

BS ISO 45001: 2018 is the new international management system standard to manage the occupational health and safety of a company’s workers and those who can be affected by its activities. The purpose of an OH&S management system is to enable an organisation to provide a safe and healthy workplace, prevent work-related injury and ill health, comply with applicable legislation and other requirements, and continually improve its OH&S performance.

To achieve ISO 45001 certification, you will have to meet all the requirements specified in the standard. The core requirement is identifying the OH&S risks associated with all your activities and by applying the hierarchy of controls demonstrate that the risks are reduced or removed.

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ISO 45001 Help Sessions

Our support sessions will help to resolve your specific issues with your ISO 45001 Management System.

Sessions take place online with a video conference call using Microsoft Teams.

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